OK, I’M rebranding. Still, it’s a rebrand and it’s exciting! You’ll notice the changes start to take place by the end of this year. I’ll still legally be Shine Consulting but I will be operating under my own name. This rebranding will certainly be more ‘me’. For those of you who haven’t met me, you’ll be guaranteed WAY more transparency and authenticity. For those who do know me…well, hopefully, you like me because you’re gonna be exposed to a lot more of me.


The new direction will be heavily focused on copywriting and content marketing. You will see more training, more workshops, and more videos after this rebranding. Some strategic partners are changing as well. This means you will see a change to the overall services I can and will refer out to.

The rebranding will include personal aspects of myself and my partners. Some of the things in the works are a business comedy podcast and a business education Facebook group.

Thanks for stopping by!
Crystal D. Smith
Jedi Marketing Master