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Why Rebrand?



I appreciate your stopping by and (trying) to check out all my awesome content!

I’m sorry to be keeping you from all of the good stuff but as you can see, this baby is under construction. I’m rebranding to bring you more content, more fun, more educational materials, and more me (c’mon, you know that’s why you’re here!)

A mechanic needs a car, a cobbler needs shoes. As a branding enthusiast, I certainly need my site and I appreciate your patience as my partners and I are cranking this bad boy out. It’s going to be fun, nerdy, informative, and well worth the wait.

In the meantime you can still check out my published articles.

If, you need anything, I’m only an email away jedi@crystaldsmith.com.

Generating Website Traffic For Beginners

Website traffic is the foundational element for marketing your brand. The challenge is, startups usually can't afford it. I wanted to write this article to help folks starting out gain a sense of how they can start creating website traffic for themselves. Yes, you...

Cold Calling is Dead and Here Are The Stats

This is a blog post that we wanted to post as a partner article because we thought it was helpful. The truth is, we talk people out of cold calling all the time. It's so rare for cold calling efforts to yield a positive return on investment. In our research to bring...

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

Being a leader is something that I believe not everyone was born to do. Psychological studies suggest that less than 10% of people are "born with the instincts" to be one. Some professionals suggest that anyone can be taught, while others say not everyone can be...