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Why Rebrand?



I appreciate your stopping by and (trying) to check out all my awesome content!

I’m sorry to be keeping you from all of the good stuff but as you can see, this baby is under construction. I’m rebranding to bring you more content, more fun, more educational materials, and more me (c’mon, you know that’s why you’re here!)

A mechanic needs a car, a cobbler needs shoes. As a branding enthusiast, I certainly need my site and I appreciate your patience as my partners and I are cranking this bad boy out. It’s going to be fun, nerdy, informative, and well worth the wait.

In the meantime you can still check out my published articles.

If, you need anything, I’m only an email away jedi@crystaldsmith.com.

Saying Goodbye to Google+

Google+ is going away, according to tech mogul Google. This follows in the aftermath of a potential breach of 500,000 user accounts. Google kept this quiet, likely because it was a result of a programming bug. On top of this, Google+ analytics aren't good. At least...

Domain Names – Who, What, When, Where, and Why

This article is everything important you need to know about domain names. Especially if you're in the market to buy one, or perhaps several. Some of the information is simply to satisfy a little curiosity. Knowledge is a powerful weapon one should always be armed...

World’s Most Expensive Domain Names

Have you ever wondered why some domain names are far more expensive than others? Have you ever wondered how expensive they could get? This article is part educational, and part fun. I doubt you'll see any of this on Jeopardy but you never know! Domain Pricing Domain...