The Expectations

We are committed to ensure our clients obtain the best: the most value, the greatest service, the highest quality of work, and the most exceptional results. To accomplish these commitments, we work as a team with our clients. Here’s what to expect when working with us:

Trust Each Other’s Talents

We are both considered to be experts in our fields, and we have to trust each other. At all times, I will respect you, your team, your providers, and anyone I work with in your organization. I expect respect for me and my partners’ as well. While I place my trust in you as a subject matter expert in your industry, I need you to trust me in mine.  At Shine Consulting, we want to place our trust in you, and we want you to feel comfortable in placing your trust in us.

Be Honest

We are both professionals and we must be honest with each other. There are times in the process of me giving your strategies a review where I become the voice of your customers. If I tell you something that you don’t agree with, understand that I’m trying to use my experience to do what I believe is best for your business. In turn, I expect you to be honest with me about the process, the direction of the project, my ideas, etc. I will be honest with you at all costs because that’s the only way I can provide the level of value that I do and I am committed to providing you with the best.

Understanding Our Value

We are both providers of something valuable, and we must understand and respect each other’s value. You are not just a client, you are a valuable and appreciated asset to my business because I truly love what I do and I love the value I will give you. Many of my clients work with me long-term, and want the value of my skills when needed, whether it be for research, services, training, implementation, etc. I sincerely respect your value as my client and I’m committed to developing a long-term relationship with you. I will always respect the value you offer your clients, and my work will reflect that.

Respecting Each Other’s Time

We are both working professionals, and we are both probably working a lot, so we must be respectful of each other’s time. I expect for each of us to maintain communication and respond within time frames that are reasonable. I will never do things or answer questions on impulse sometimes I may want a little time before addressing something; I will provide you the same time respect in return. I will be committed to reaching any deadlines you have, but I will also be respectful of your time and my own as a family oriented individual. It isn’t uncommon for me to get ideas and inspirations at odd hours of the night from time-to-time. I work best when I operate during moments I feel the most connection to your project, emotionally. Neither party will need to expect to make any major adjustments to their schedules or availability, unless a strict deadline is in place.

We Must Have Realistic Expectations

We both might be working in industries less familiar to us, though it may be hard, we must both have realistic expectations for one another. I will sincerely appreciate your feedback because it’s the only way to really know what you like, and what you hate. Though I’ll always insist on what’s best for your business, I do want you to like the end result. The most successful projects have been with clients who provide input, and are willing to collaborate. Micromanagement can often lead to results that are less than optimal so please make it clear to me what expectations you have for me early on. I’m committed to satisfying them, when possible.

Keeping Our Promises

We both either have, or work for, a company. That company is our job, our future. We both rely on this to support our families. This is not a side job for me, or a ‘gig’ I do for friends. This is a professional business built on many years of experience. I can only image that you are in the same boat and I intend to keep every promise to you and deliver the best of what I have to offer. I want nothing more than to deliver value and make you a more profitable company, and this is exactly why you are paying me for my services. We will be committed to each other during the course of each project.

I am selective about the clients I chose to work with, and I encourage you to be selective about the service providers you work with. I want you to feel comfortable with me personally, and confident in my work, professionally. I want us to be invested in each other. I want to be able to proudly boast I’ve worked with you. I want you to want to refer me and speak positively on my behalf because I’m valuable to you. Although I am being paid by you for my services, I’m always grateful when my clients choose to review me positively on my social media pages. I will be very passionate about the work I do for you and I will give you my best work, and undivided attention during that work.