The Process

When working with Shine Consulting, you may only work with one person (me) or you may work with several (partners / vendors). Each project is different and each client will experience a unique process. Each Consultation will be similarly formatted but it could be much more granular depending on your business and your needs. Here is an outline of what to expect during your consultation with us.

The Consultation

I will perform a review on your business to assess the current strategies you are leveraging now, this allows me to tell you where you’re doing well, and where you have room for improvement. This also allows me to determine what can be left alone, added, and/or tweaked to provide you the best results based on my experience. An Audit is always part of the initial consultation and gives me what I need to outline what work I recommend for you, and to quote you a fair price. To perform the audit / consult, I will need the following:

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The review includes a LOT of questions about your business, your customers, your products / services. I require someone who is a subject matter expert in your business to answer these questions, and help me understand the unique aspects of your business. Sometimes the SME is a single person and sometimes there are multiple people I will need to speak to, depending on your business, team, etc. Here are just some examples of what topics we will discuss:

Your Business

A broad overview of what you do and who you do it for. I may ask you questions about your staff, your tools, your strategies, your processes, etc. I may ask a lot of questions about your website, your logo, your digital marketing, your sales strategies. I’ll be asking a LOT of questions, some are much easier to answer than others. Sometimes I may ask questions that seem bizarre, but they help me get the best ‘feel’ for where your pain points are. It is normal if there’s more than one SME here, or if I need to speak to a web master, or 3rd party. Sometimes for smaller organizations, a single SME can provide all the information I need.

Your Why

Part of the content marketing I do for my clients includes creating an emotional marketing message, which is powerful and a big revenue generating tool. Sometimes the SME I speak to can completely and competently answer the question of “what’s your why” and other times, they cannot. I will dig and look for very specific emotional reasons as to the “why” of the business. I can extract this from most SME’s but occasionally, I am handed over to an alternate person. To some SME’s, this sounds unnecessary or ridiculous, but I’ve had extremely great results when leveraging these content techniques, so it’s a big part of the core value I provide.

Your Target Audience

I’m going to ask you questions about who you think your target audience is. I’m going to ask you about your specific products and services. What does your best client look like? How much money do they need to have to be ideal? I will ask a lot of questions about your profit margins, sales, and what advertising you’ve done. I will ask the right questions to determine who your target audiences really are and where your profit margins are best. Sometimes clients have their target audience correct, sometimes they don’t. A huge core of my strategies is centered around your target audience. I will ask you questions about your Sales as well. Likely a lot. This includes trade shows, conferences, networking, etc.


I may need to know a lot about your web platform, your hosting, what SEO plugin you’re using (if any). I may ask how to access your content. I may need to see your social media pages, or your Google Analytics. Sometimes I will need you to show me things ‘under the hood’ via a remote tool, or depending on your location, in-person. Part of auditing your strategies will require me to see the backend of some of your technologies. 

This will give you a really good idea of what to expect when doing an audit and/or consultation with me. Understand that some work is done by my Strategic Partners and they may have additional questions that they have in order to best provide you a pricing estimate and outline of work. Sometimes in an audit, I can stumble across pain points that you have that I’m not a good candidate to help you fix, but chances are I know who is and I am happy to provide the referral. I’m very specific about who I work with and I would hope that you would be the same. If we aren’t a good fit I can refer you to other providers in the industry. The first commitment I have is ensuring our personalities fit, and my skills are inline with your needs. Chances are, we’ll end up working together again in the future.