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Why Rebrand?



I appreciate your stopping by and (trying) to check out all my awesome content!

I’m sorry to be keeping you from all of the good stuff but as you can see, this baby is under construction. I’m rebranding to bring you more content, more fun, more educational materials, and more me (c’mon, you know that’s why you’re here!)

A mechanic needs a car, a cobbler needs shoes. As a branding enthusiast, I certainly need my site and I appreciate your patience as my partners and I are cranking this bad boy out. It’s going to be fun, nerdy, informative, and well worth the wait.

In the meantime you can still check out my published articles.

If, you need anything, I’m only an email away jedi@crystaldsmith.com.

Website Builders & SEO – What You Need to Know

Website builders are all the rage! Especially as digital marketing grows. They commonly come in shiny packages and boast that they are "developer free". The idea is to never need to hire a professional to create your website. In my experience, however, that's not...

Peyton Manning – The GOAT, The Legend, The Man

As a long-time Peyton Manning fan, I will never turn down an opportunity to write a piece on his legacy. Many will make the argument that rings are the ultimate definition of GOAT, but I say there's far more to that. To be a legend, one must play with legendary skills...

Flesch Readability Scores – Everything You Need To Know

Content is a critical part of marketing yourself online. Content is used in social media, websites, printed materials, etc. Flesch Readability Scores are a fantastic way to determine how strong your content is on the web. Here's the simple way to interpret how to...