Who is Shine Consulting?

Do you want to make more profit on your investments? Are you looking to achieve greater growth goals in your organization?

We are a marketing consulting firm, dedicated to helping our clients identify their best customers and strategize marketing plans to maximize profits with the lowest cost of acquisition. We specialize in content marketing and strategic content creation, designed to capture your perfect clients. We have mastered the art of “story selling”, and can apply this expertise to your products & services. 

Do you want to spend more time working ON your business, instead of IN your business?

Traditional marketing caters to industry “best practices” and is designed to produce average leads at high quantity. At Shine Consulting, we leverage our experience and talents to create Target Audience Marketing strategies. These strategies produce superior interest in your business, at a higher quality. Our unique tactics will attract and close the sale with your best and most profitable customers.

Our Company

Our Mission

Through strategic action, we help our clients maximize their marketing results, and provide a platform to ensure stability and consistency in company growth and profits.

By leveraging inspiration and coaching, we help people become better leaders, gain more confidence, and promote positive changes, allowing for greater personal development.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to be indispensable to you. That means we must be adaptive, evolving, assertive, and willing to learn at all times. These are things we will take very seriously when working with our clients. We will add value on both personal and professional levels, as we operate in a very collaborate environment.

Our Values

Shine Consulting is a purpose driven organization, aimed at adding value, creating results, and providing opportunity to every client’s organization. Our principles of Stability, Honesty, Ingenuity, and Efficiency are leveraged in every project.

Inspired by Leadership, Passion, and Transparency, we will help each individual better engage with their own passions, and stay laser focused on their goals.

Our Dedication

We are devoted to meeting our commitments, and excelling in our performance. Staying educated, trained, and focused helps us accomplish that. Our dedication to our clients and their companies is to continue to acquire new knowledge, and immerse ourselves in ways to apply it.

Shine Consulting Logo

Our Roots

Our founder is an award winning presenter, a national speech champion, an outstanding leadership recipient, a talented story seller, and a natural entrepreneur whose first business venture began at the age of 6. She has small town values with big city skill. She hung her own shingle in 2013 after 13 years in business, to pursue her goals of helping other businesses, and like-minded entrepreneurs.

She made the promise in 2010 to her ill grandfather that she would pursue their passion for “story selling”. That was the moment the idea of Shine Consulting began. He passed a few days later. His memories continue to inspire her to create opportunities to leverage her passion and talents for others. She treats EVERY client, EVERY project, EVERY relationship in the way that would make “grandpa proud”.

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