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Shine Consulting Logo

Who is Shine Consulting?

We are a marketing consulting firm, dedicated to helping our clients identify their best customers & strategize marketing plans to maximize profits with the lowest cost of acquisition. We specialize in content marketing & strategic content creation, designed to capture your perfect clients. From printed collateral to online branding, we have mastered the art of story selling, and can apply this expertise to your products & services.

Our focus to our customers is VALUE. We’re passionate about creating, and adding, VALUE.

Whether you’re a one person operation or an enterprise of hundreds, we can help you SHINE!

Traditional marketing caters to industry “best practices” & is designed to produce average leads at high quantity. At Shine Consulting, we leverage our experience & talents, to create Target Audience Marketing strategies, designed to produce superior leads at high quality. Our unique tactics will attract & close the sale with your best & most profitable customers. By aiming for the bullseye, we know we’ll hit the target nearly every time!

Our Services

Target Audience Marketing

Core Service

By knowing what questions to ask, we can determine what customers are best, & where you’ll make your biggest margins. We’ll also find out who you want to work with so we can bring you the best clients that you like working with. We’ll then focus your marketing on these particular audiences. By leveraging this type of marketing, your long-term investments are reduced while your margins increase.

We can apply this core service to any type of marketing and/or advertising and if you don’t already have any service providers in place, we have partners that can help. We can even make recommendations far outside the scope of marketing.


Individual & Group Packages

Training is a powerful tool that can help you get more efficiency out of an individual, or team, without increasing the budget long-term. The trainings we have facilitated range from social media marketing, blogging & SEO strategies, marketing strategy. In addition to individuals & teams, we also provide training at events / conferences. The bulk of our business is in training companies how to improve their ROI without increasing staff, or making minimal increases.

Need other training, such as HR, OSHA, safety, leadership, project management (just to name a few)? We have you covered and have the perfect connections for you!

Content Marketing & Consulting

Customizable Packages

Our services are packaged because each client has unique, granular needs & no two clients, regardless of industry, are the same. Target Audience Marketing & Content Marketing are leveraged into each & every package and training. This isn’t all we offer, because as experienced consultants, we help you ensure each of your marketing channels is perfected & achieving maximum results.

Our Content Marketing strategies improve our client’s success at achieving a positive ROI by up to13x more than traditional marketing! Our story selling & emotional marketing methodologies make your best customers become emotionally & monetarily investing in you & your brand, making you more money with less long-term effort. All of our packages are designed to attract your perfect customers based on their characteristics, personality, and metrics.

We’re More Than Marketing

We’re more than marketers & trainers as we are are also experienced in Sales, Networking, & Branding. We will effectively apply our methodologies & expertise to these areas of your business if we believe it is of value to you. Expect us to always provide you with honest input, and provide real-world recommendations based on our experiences.

Projects tend to work best when we take a synergistic collaborative approach. Because of this, we aren’t interested in removing your existing providers, or your in-house employee’s responsibilities. Unless, of course, that is the most valuable or desired approach. If your needs are outside of our direct skill sets, we’ll be happy to provide you with a referral to companies that we trust to help you.

Shine Consulting Logo

Our Roots

Our founder is an award winning presenter, a national speech champion, a leadership recipient, a talented story seller, and a natural entrepreneur whose first business venture began at the age of 6. She has small town values with big city experience. She left the big city business world in 2013 to escape the corporate mentality & pursue her goals of helping small businesses.

She made the promise in 2010 to her ill grandfather that she would pursue their passions for story selling. That was the moment the ideas of Shine Consulting began. He passed a few days later. With approximately 16 years of marketing & business experience, she was afforded the opportunity to leverage her passions & talents for our clients every day. She treats EVERY client in a manner that would make “grandpa proud.”

Let’s Chat!

Let Our Experience Make Your Business Better!

We’re happy to provide an Audit on your current strategies, and help you understand what you have, where you can improve, and where you’re doing great. We’ll also let you know where we can help, and how we can accomplish your business goals. We prefer you use this form, because we like to focus when we work, but if you’d like to speak to us now, feel free to call +1.352.263.1718.

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